Pokemon Collectors Guide

Do you love Pokémon, are you an avid collector or just have a few pieces in your collection? The World of Pokémon is simply massive, with new and interesting products coming out almost daily and the back catalogue of amazing Pokémon items, reaching right back to 1996.

Pokemon Collectors Guide
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What is The Pokemon Collectors Guide?

Does it frustrate you no end trying to find rare or hardly known Pokémon items? Or even the ranges that come out regularly?

Well if so, you have stumbled into the right place. I’m Jesska the Pokémon Collector and my biggest nerdiest passion in the whole wide world is Pokémon ! I love Pokémon and have since I was a little kid. Those that know me personally say I’m a little obsessed, but I don’t think that is right. After all I only, wear Pokémon, make Pokemon, paint Pokémon, talk Pokémon, tattoo Pokémon, own the Pokemon Newspaper and quite possibly one of the largest Pokemon collections you have ever seen.

As a result I’ve put all my knowledge, my resources, my contacts into one single place online, so I can share my Pokémon Passion with the people I love more than anybody other, Pokémon (Nerds) Collectors, just like me.

If you are after something unique, rare or want to uncover things you didn’t know about Pokémon, I can help. I want to share my nerdy Pokémon world with everyone and help you all learn about the best world and its products, collectibles, ephemera that exists.

Stop crawling the internet and feeling frustrated when you cant find the info you are looking for, because more than likely you will find everything you want to know…RIGHT HERE!

I’m always available to talk Pokémon if you are not too sure about what it is you are trying to find.

Pokemon Collectors Guide

Jesska The Pokémon Collector

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